Do You Qualify for a Free Website?

Only available for Macau.


Yes it’s true, we are volunteering our spare time to do some free* work for charities and nonprofit organizations, we only ask that organizations which are serious about getting a website apply.

Please read our terms, conditions and explanation

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We will review the requests and dedicate our spare time to charities/organizations that help others the most, by evaluating each organization on its potential for good impact in Macau.


It’s important to understand why we do this, Creativen Media believes that helping others is a way to do social good, since we love crafting websites, this is our way to donate to charities and nonprofit governmental organizations, we truly want to help people who spend their time helping others.

Websites that we create for you, enhance your presence and bring out your message, to reach a bigger audience and give you the tools needed to communicate better, we will create the best possible website with our most availability and free* of charge.


You keep seeing  *  after the free right ? We have to be explicit here, our work is truly free, from studying your organization, to analyzing your competition, devise a good website idea, to implement it all, free.


But hosting and domain name fees, is something we can’t incur on your behalf (its a recurring cost), this is something that your organization has to pay for, typically a domain name is renewed yearly and hosting can be paid monthly or annually as well.


We can recommend good hosting solutions in Macau or elsewhere or we can work with your existing infrastructure (server hosting) if compatible.


So are you ready for it? Did you read the terms and conditions PDF? If yes and you feel like you need our help, follow the link below and contact us and we will get back to you shortly.

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