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We at Creativen, love web design and development, and we use our spare time to create websites for charities, associations and other non government organizations, we believe that these institutions are not well served currently.


So our simple goal is to improve one at a time, helping them be more successful online and reach their audience, and hopefully through having a good website, more people gets help.


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Charities & Associations

We love social causes

The reality is that Charities and Associations are usually not well designed, it’s understandable they don’t have the time and resources to have a good website, we want to help them succeed and spread their message.

Engineering Solutions

We don’t like to think of ourselves as designers, we are more like builders and engineering minded people, we reach the projects from a solution point of view, we want to do what is right for the problem at hand.

Helping Others

We genuinely like helping people, this can be seen by the way this website has been constructed, the reality is that we are a working force and during our free time we want to use our skills to improve our local community.

Did we say Commercial ?

Charity and Association work is good but we still need some commercial projects to keep us afloat, meaning that some commercial projects enables us to keep working on Charities and Associations websites.

We create communities

We are passionate about web design and design so much, that we don’t want to keep it only for ourselves, we create communities, we give resources and we teach others how to design and create websites, don’t believe us check out Macau Web Designer.

Free charity website

In our free time we try to give something back to our local community in Macau, as such if you are a local charity and your truly aim is to help people and you do not have the money and or people resources, but would like to have an online presence, contact us, we should be able to help in our spare time.

Check our guidelines and rules for requesting a website.

We enjoy sharing the projects and posts we make just as much as we enjoy creating them. Sit back & take a moment to browse through some of our recent completed work.

Responsive Design

We can do that too, check out our portfolio of websites, we know you will like it and ask us for more, websites should suit every if possible.

Award Winning Quality

Given sufficient time, we too can make designs that really pop out and bring the best of you for your audience, remember its all about you.

Engaging Communities

The communities we create are helpful and resourceful, please take a look at our community projects and see how we have been helping others.

Loaded With Goodies

We are just fun this way, if we are happy we will load you with so many goodies on your design, that you too will feel a pinch of the Creativen team.

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